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Origin of Benfida products

Origin of Benfida products

Origin of Benfida products

Benfida originated from the intention to develop a strong range of nutritional supplements that have a strong supporting effect for numerous physical or psychological complaints. The supplements have been developed on the basis of various scientific studies.

Collaborative power

The composition of the Benfida range is based on two important aspects: versatility and synergy.

1. Versatility

The nutrients from which the supplements are composed have been selected on the basis of their versatile effect, which is substantiated by scientific research.

2. Synergy

The Benfida supplements were formulated according to the principle of synergistic optimization . This synergistic force makes each substance even more effective.

The effect of each individual substance is enhanced by all other ingredients in the supplement and the effect of each individual supplement is enhanced by all other supplements in the range offered.

A careful variation and combination of several supplements makes the effect stronger. All Benfida supplements therefore have a collaborative effect for maximum results.

In nature, every food has a unique combination that is activated and enhanced by other bioactive substances.

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At Benfida, we are passionate about natural nutritional supplements. Over the years we have worked towards unique products with a high concentration. Visit the Benfida webshop and be surprised by our versatile range.

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