Full steam ahead against cancer

Full steam ahead against cancer


“Full steam ahead against cancer” is called the most positive book to help you heal from cancer.

A practical guide that explains step by step how you yourself can advance your treatment.
Scientifically based, simply explained and easy to apply.

This book is also available in other languages:
In Dutch: Voluit tegen kanker
In French: À fond contre le cancer
In German: Mit aller Kraft gegen den Krebs

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If you have picked up this book, then cancer has caught your attention. Perhaps you yourself are affected by cancer, or one of your loved ones. You may be wondering what you can do to
prevent cancer.

This book helps make cancer beatable.

There are very many things you can – or must – do to prevent cancer and to recover from it. A healthy diet and lifestyle, preparing well for treatment, making the right choice of supplementary nutrients… This book contains the basic information you need.

All the information it presents on complementary methods for cancer is based exclusively on validated scientific research. Find out how you can reduce or avoid the side effects of drugs, chemo or radiotherapy, make your body more resilient, and make your treatment more effective.

Cancer is a complex disease, but with the right approach you can get through it.

The treatment prescribed by your doctor always comes first. But don’t let a single opportunity for a new, healthy future go to waste.

That choice is yours.

Don’t hesitate, go full steam ahead in your fight against cancer.
This book contains all the information you need to do it.
It’s your guide and your compass, but most of all your friend.

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