About us

A healthy mind in a healthy body: isn’t that what we all want?
Yet we’re a long way from achieving it. We live in a toxic environment and even though we want to make healthy choices, doing it is not so easy.

But we can try to make our bodies more resilient against the risk factors that they face.

A healthy diet is an essential part of that.
Nature has equipped our bodies with an ingenious system that spontaneously strives for balance. But balance is not always easy to achieve, because of factors in our environment, or because of illness and treatment.

So sometimes you need a little extra help, a supplement that repairs and fortifies your body and lets that ingenious immune system of yours get back up to full steam.


At Benfida, we are 100% devoted to optimising nutritional supplements.
Because we see too many tired and jaded people all around us.
Because we absolutely believe in the healing effect of nutrients.
Because we absolutely believe in the healing power of your own body.

Benfida wants to help you strengthen that power.

You can use our supplements for support in your daily life, or to give you an extra boost when you are ill.
We guarantee the best possible quality and a range of products based on up-to-date scientific research.

Because we want the future to be healthy.
We can build that future ourselves.
Together with Benfida.

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