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A healthy mind in a healthy body: isn’t that what we all want? Yet we are often far from it. We live in a toxic environment and even though we want to make healthy choices, it is often not that simple. However, we can try to make our bodies more resilient to threatening factors.

Healthy nutrition is very important here… Nature has equipped our bodies with an ingenious system that spontaneously seeks balance. But due to environmental factors, illness or some kind of treatment, this is not always possible.

Benfida has chosen to offer a wide range of food supplements with a high concentration of beneficial ingredients.

The food supplements from Benfida have a supportive function and promote (strengthen) the body’s own immune system.

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Our Mission

Benfida has fully committed itself to the optimisation of nutritional supplements. Because we absolutely believe in the beneficial effects of nutrients and in the healing power of your own body.

Benfida wants to help you strengthen that.

You can use our food supplements as support in daily life, or as extra reinforcement in case of illness.

We guarantee the best quality and a composition based on recent scientific research.

Because we want the future to be healthy.

We make that future ourselves.

Together with Benfida.


Supplements of the highest quality


Highest concentrations


Protects body and mind


Durable products


Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Origin of Benfida products

Benfida was born out of the intention to develop a strong range of nutritional supplements that have a highly supportive effect on numerous physical or psychological complaints. The supplements were developed on the basis of various scientific studies.

Co-operative strength

The composition of the Benfida range is based on two important aspects: versatility and synergy.


The nutrients used in the supplements were selected on the basis of their multifaceted effects, which are supported by scientific research.


Benfida supplements are composed according to the principle of synergistic optimisation. This collaborative strength makes each substance even more effective.

The effect of each individual substance is strengthened by all other ingredients in the supplement and the effect of each individual supplement is strengthened by all other supplements in our available range of products.

A careful variation and combination of several supplements makes the effect stronger. All Benfida supplements therefore work together for maximum results.

In nature, each nutrient has a unique combination that is activated and strengthened by other bioactive substances.

Visit our webshop to see all products.

Visit the Benfida webshop

At Benfida, we have a passion for natural food supplements. Over the years, we have developed unique products of high concentration. Visit the Benfida webshop and be surprised by our wide range of products.
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